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  • Andre Walker

Churchill’s Grandson: Trump is Loathsome, Hateful, Ignorant

Sir Nicholas Soames MP, grandson of the British wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill, has branded Donald Trump “loathsome” on Twitter. The Member of Parliament for Mid Sussex is the son of Churchill’s youngest child Mary Spencer-Churchill and her husband Lord Soames.

Soames tweeted: “Trump is a truly loathsome, hateful, ignorant puffball and a Putin sap #surelyhecantleadtheGreatDemocracy”. After he was questioned on the social media ste he added “Nuclear powered chateau bottled inadequate shyster #stillnotclear?”

Despite his family connections Sir Nicholas is a noted “wet” the term used to describe Conservatives with left-wing view. He has had a undistinguished political career, the highlight of which was being appointed a junior minister in the mid-1990s.

Sir Nicholas was a fierce opponent of Brexit, and claimed his grandfather was a pro-European. Churchill did call for a United States of Europe, but he claimed it would compliment the British empire, leading most historians to agree he would have opposed the UK joining it.

In June Soames was criticized for launching a foul-mouthed four-letter rant against a fellow Conservative MP who is campaigning for Brexit, it was revealed today.

James Cleverly, the newly elected Conservative MP for Braintree, approached Sir Nicholas Soames in a Commons dining room to say he agreed with his appeal for the party to unite after June's EU referendum and to hold off from personal attacks.

But in an astonishing response, Sir Nicholas reportedly told Mr Cleverly: 'F*** off you c***.

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