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  • Andre Walker

Guide to the Best #FuckOffObama Tweets

This weekend President Obama warned Britain not to leave the European Union or face being at the the "back of the queue" for help. This provoked a remarkably patriotic response from the British people, and #FuckOffObama began trending on Twitter.

Here are our favorite tweets attacking this lame-duck president:


Nice quote from the Earl of Guilford about how awful it would be for America to leave the British Empire:

Others chose to imagine what Churchill might have thought of Obama:

Anyone for a remake of the Sacha Baron-Cohen film, The Dictator:

Or perhaps we should find out how much the British Bulldog would like to be told to "stay"

But it was not all fun, there was some serious commentary too

The Telegraph were not the only ones to point out the Presidents dubious record:

Perhaps we could gently point out a little bit of hypocrisy

Even David Icke got in on the action

Nice to know his comments made an impact

And this guy was unsure about the future of US Military bases!

And just before we go, my own contribution

Good bye, we won't be missing you

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