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'They don't want to INTEGRATE' Kay Burley & guest in feisty immigration tirade on Sk

A WRITER and a former Tory aide ripped into each other in an explosive clash over immigration.

Journalist and broadcaster Bidisha hit out at columnist Andre Walker on Sky News while debating calls for immigrants to be forced to learn English before being allowed to settle in Britain.

The outburst came after Walker claimed the UK was “addicted” to welcoming people “who don’t want to integrate”.

He said: “We’re addicted to unskilled labour, we’re addicted to people who don’t want to integrate, we’re addicted to people who don’t want to speak English and we should just stop it – it’s crazy.”

Reacting to the commentator’s rant, Bidisha said she was “not interested in arguing back and forth” or “sloganeering”.

She continued: “What we need to do is look at the numbers. We actually have relatively low levels of migration and immigration – if you look at our refugee numbers, we have extremely low levels.

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