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Windsor and Slough Embark On Twitter LoveFest

The Berkshire towns of Windsor and Slough have professed their love for each other via a series of hilarious tweets. The social media messages came in response to a joke tweet from Andre Walker suggesting Windsor build a wall on its border and make Slough pay.

The message led to the Royal Borough and Windsor and Maidenhead, Slough Borough Council and their local papers to get involved. The initial tweet was a joke about Donald Trump's pledge to build a wall on the USA border with Mexico and make the Mexicans pay:

But it immediately led to message from Slough Council saying the body did not want their neighbour to find it hard to get to the town. Which was followed by the Royal Borough and the Express Newspaper Group:

It then got a bit flirty:

And there was a suggestion the Queen's home town might want to date Bracknell instead:


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