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  • Andre Walker

New Armed Guards Thwart Another Terror Attack on British Parliament

On April 27, 2017, British security forces thwarted a second terrorist attack on the Palace of Westminster by sending in armed police. The attempted attack was virtually identical to the one that cost PC Keith Palmer his life last month—except this time armed police intervened, and no one was hurt.

As previously reported, the last attacker was able to stab PC Palmer multiple times because Palmer was unarmed. Palmer was a retired soldier from the Royal Artillery, making him highly skilled with a variety of powerful weapons.

In the end, Khalid Masood was shot by bodyguards to Defense Secretary Michael Fallon, who were at Parliament by chance. This led to fears that Masood could have killed dozens of politicians due to the shortage of armed police in Westminster. He came within yards of Prime Minister Theresa May’s Parliamentary office, forcing her to be evacuated.

Read the full story at the New York Observer

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