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  • Andre Walker

PM’s ‘Trousergate’ Scandal Shows Brits Are Ashamed of Success

The only shameful thing about $1200 trousers is that the British press made such a meal out of them.

If I said of the biggest political scandals in the UK this year related to expensive leather trousers, your ears might prick up. You would think to yourself, “wow this is going to be some politician caught in a very compromising position”—Weinergate, only with kinky clothing, perhaps?

If you thought “Trousergate” was going to be something epically juicy, you would be wrong.

No, the big drama in Westminster this week is about some leather trousers worn in quite legitimate circumstances by Prime Minister Theresa May. The trousers in question were bought by May for around $1,200 and she wore them for a photo shoot.

Read the full article at the New York Obsever

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