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  • Andre Walker

Brexit: All Talk, No Action Brits Strike Again

It was supposed to be the seismic political event that shapes the world as we know it. A new (old) power emerging from the shackles of European Socialism to fight for free trade, Anglosphere power, and Western values. The sad news is that the people behind Brexit are the British, a bunch of old women who love to moan but are often short when it comes to actually doing anything. For decades my countrymen moaned about how much they hated the EU yet seemed incapable of opposing further integration. Do not delude yourself into believing Brexit was some bold move by a vibrant nation, it was nothing of the sort. The EU was proposing to regulate out of existence the City of London financial sector that the UK is reliant on, and give us in return mass immigration on a scale that would impoverish the richest of nations. Only a lunatic would have remained in the European Union under those circumstances, yet the British are such pussies we seriously considered it. This week the world held its breath as the Parliament returned to work after a long (but let's face it not very hot) British summer. And what did they get, more of the same, ‘Brexit means Brexit’ rhetoric that really means nothing. A statement from the new minister for Brexit that had less detail than the Clinton Foundation's tax return. I suppose one might ask why this detail is so important, here is the reason: there are a number of countries like Norway and Switzerland, which are not members of the EU but have some rights (and responsibilities) of membership. The Norwegian case is particularly interesting because the country pays approximately 10 percent of the EU’s budget and is required to comply with single market regulations even though it has no say in them. It also has to allow almost entirely unchallenged EU immigration. Norway should worry any Brexiteer as the arrangement grew up because Norwegians keep voting against EU membership but their politicians want in…. so the elite concocted a hybrid. And it is this sort of murky disaster British leaders seem to be angling for. The current legal debate in the UK is so dull it is hardly worth repeating (but I will do so for information purposes). The European Communities Act took the UK into the EU, and can only be repealed by Parliament. However, Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty says any government can send a letter to Brussels and the EU considers them to be gone two years later. This so called ‘confusion’ has led to almost total meltdown in London, as lawyers challenge each other over what happens next. Politicians on all sides are calling each other undemocratic, yet even the humblest student of law could tell you that if the EU consider you to have left, you have left. The British Parliament might well pass a law saying it has joined the USA but unless Washington agrees that act of Parliament is worthless. Lets look behind the arguments to the facts of this case, if you are expecting a new global power, thrusting with energy and a zeal to change things then you are likely to be disappointed. The British argument about whether it can leave the EU proves what a dysfunctional bunch of old women they really are. I love my country, but good god it really is utterly useless!

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