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Why I'm Sick Of King Obama The Last

As a US correspondent in the British Parliament I often give tours of the amazing Palace of Westminster to American visitors. When I take them around I always point out the fresco of the pilgrim fathers leaving for the new world, it is in pride of place close the lobby of the House of Lords.

It was painted in appropriately 1850, long before the US President was ever called ‘leader of the free world’. In fact it was painted when America was struggling to find its way in world. A few years earlier the British Army had burned down the White House, and our Empire seemed insurmountable.

When we stop to look at the painting, Americans always ask the same question ‘why on earth did a defeated colonial master paint an ode to the very people that beat them’. The answer is simple: many Brits believed the founding fathers were right to demand English common law rights for English men in the English territory of North America.

Those rights were: freedom of speech, property rights and democracy. They were denied to the colonists because King George III saw them as second class citizens on their own land. Today the American version of the king, President Obama, seeks to deny English men their common law rights.

He is doing that by telling the British they can either remain a state of a federal European Union or get to the “back of the queue” for a trade deal with America. Our right to democracy and freedom of speech is shattered, by the very person who ought to be its greatest advocate. Obama is Britain's bully, just as King George was America's.

The United Kingdom is no-longer the world’s superpower, but we do not care because the British Empire was pure practicality. It was replaced by America, a country that agreed with us on these core values of freedom. No island nation needs to own the world, it just needs everyone else to play by the rules it does.

We therefore ask America for a leader who will stand up for English common law rights across the globe, as Reagan and Bush did.

We do not expect to win every time, but that beacon of hope that was America dies when it gives up on those principals. Ask yourself how long will your democracy continue when the democrats have extinguished those of your greatest ally.

I hope we do not ever have to find out.

POLL: Obama’s ‘Bullying’ UK Voters Backfires

LONDON, United Kingdom - Obama’s attempt to ‘bully’ Britain into voting to remain in the European Union has backfired according to a poll by Sky News. The survey suggested 25 percent of the public were more likely to vote to leave as a direct result of the Presidents intervention, whereas 17 percent were stayed by his intervention.

The President used his visit to the UK last week to warn the country be “back of the queue” for trade deals with America if it left the EU. The comments caused outrage in the UK, which sees itself as America’s biggest friend in the world, and led to #F**kOffObama trending on Twitter.

As reported by Obama had been accused of being a “hypocrite” and a “bully” for coming to the UK to tell voters which side they should support in the referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU. The hypocrisy claim had been leveled because the USA would never agree to another country deciding its laws.

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