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  • Andre Walker

Top Uses For Cameron's Euro Propaganda Leaflet

Over the last few days David Cameron's £9m leaflet extolling the virtues of the UK remaining in the EU have been hitting the mats of the British taxpayer. Most of them went straight in the bin, but some inventive sorts decided to get more creative.

Here are my favorites:

Nigel Adams MP (Con, Selby and Ainsty) was up for recycling, but it was just a bit too glossy:

Another Facebook user decided to take issue with some of the claims:

But perhaps they should have just amended it:

Or send it straight back to David Cameron as Stewart Jackson MP (Con, Peterborough) did:

Anyone for a small bonfire on the South bank of the Thames.

At least one person decided the glossy finish would not deter them from using it as toilet roll:

Thankfully most people just did this:

It's all for the good of the country!

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