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  • Andre Walker

LISTEN: Hey Obama, Forget Cuba and Remember NATO!

This week I talk about the terror attacks in Brussels, the plight of the suicide bombers themselves and Obama's visit to Cuba. This is part of the weekly Behind Enemy Lines radio broadcast, to listen to the whole show click here.


The script is below (check against delivery):

Hello my name’s Andre Walker and your weekly monologue starts right now In the week the European Union's federal capital was attacked by 11th century Islamo-fascists. Apparently suicide bombers get 72 virgins in paradise when they blow themselves up. Just a couple of problems here guys: 1) Your pull technique does have the whiff of desperation 2) Have you seen the average standard of women who die virgins, Pop your teeth in betty a smelly, a sexually disfunctional jihadi has just earned the right to use you as a sex slave for eternity, yes dear, and we'll be needing the other 71 nuns as well. and 3) There's no reason to believe these lovely, old, ladies have consented to any of this... Ah but then again we all know these guys aren't that big on consent. Ask swimmers at any public swimming pools in Sweden. But we're all left asking ourselves who's the bigger fool the backward donkey shagging peasants of the Islamic State or the fools who imported them into the heart of the European Union. Abu went to Europe and all he brought me back was lously person hygene! For once I was angry with Karl Rove today, when he called for President Obama to show some leadership by flying to Europe. And offering solidarity with the Belgians in their fight against radical Islam. Don't get me wrong we're always pleased to see the leader of the Free World, even one as dioscreditted at Obama. But what will he come to the EU to say, let me get my crystal ball out and predict: He'll say this attack has nothing to do with Islam and that Britain should respond to this by voting to stay in the EU. Yeah great, lets continue with the situation whereby all these nutters that have setup camp in Belgium have a perfect right to move to the UK. Hmmmm TEMPTING!!!! I doubt even Obama's silver toung can save the campaign for Britain to stay in the EU. As I always say, better out than in! If POTUS wants to do something useful perhaps he could have spent today checking whether NATO's HQ in Brussels was secure. Hey Obama, remember NATO, the strategic military alliance America setup to protyect freedom and save democracy. You may want to check it's still there. Assuming you actually care, which is admittedly debatable. But Obama had more inmportant work to do, attending sporting events with the Cuban dictator Raúl Castro. He didn't need to go all the way to Europe to witness human suffering and human rights abuses, he's got all that on his doorstep courtesy of Havana. Cuban dictators love Chicago gansters, they always used to hang out together hin Havana and that ended well. Why not try it again... I hear the cigars are superb, rolled on the thighs of pro-American political prisoners. Obama has now got more photos of himself with Castro and Che Quervara than he has with either Washington or Lincoln. That tells you everything you need to know about the priorities of a President that has now even been decounced by Bill Clinton, wow that's a low blow... Yuk, lets just avoid that word when we're talking about the Clinton. There's no dignity it in, or indeed in them. That was the monologue just time to announce the result of last week's quiz. We asked how many Cuban cigars does it take to satisfy an American President? Bill from New York correctly answered "it really depends what you plan to do with them?" Congratulations Bill, you're Che GoBama t-shirt is in the post right now. Until next week, goodbye!

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